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Casey Schmidt

Marketing Consultant Expert
  • MBA in Strategic Marketing

  • Google Analytics & AdWords Certified

  • Tableau Desktop Specialist

  • SQL Certified

“Few people truly understand the difficulty in producing and marketing mobile applications. Casey is forward-thinking, easy to work with, and an all-around asset to any team he is on.”

Sean Carmack

CTO at FuelCloud

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How much does it cost?2021-03-11T07:13:12+00:00

It depends on the needs of the client.  We evaluate things such as geographic coverage, creative needs, and development time when considering a marketing campaign.  All of which can change significantly based on the scope of the project.

What channels work the best?2021-03-11T07:15:58+00:00

I perform in-depth research before launching any campaign to ensure that we are launching your brand’s message on the right channels.  Every channel will hold a certain purpose, and, sometimes every channel holds a purpose.  My goal is to create a seamless experience for your audience on all necessary channels to get you the best results.

Why chose a consultant over an agency?2021-03-11T07:29:26+00:00

Agencies can be great.  They offer a talented, diverse team of designers, developers, digital specialists, and project managers for one monthly fee.  That being said, agencies upcharge for each individual’s service at a blended rate.  They pay teams $30/hr-$50/hr and charge $200/hr to the client.  Going directly to the source cuts out a lot of your costs for similar results.

If an agency is what you need, I will gladly point you in the right direction.  As someone who has worked for agencies for over 8 years, I understand some projects benefit from a team of specialists over an consultant.  I pride myself on being upfront, transparent and honest when it comes to scope, capabilities, and outcomes.

What should I expect?2021-03-11T07:33:55+00:00

Marketing is a science.  It requires research, testing, and ongoing adjustments to achieve optimal results.   That being said, you can expect realistic, honest guidance and outcomes based on data-driven strategy.